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We know you need more than just insurance products – you need a partner who’s here to help you feel productive and secure.

Loss Prevention & Advisory Service

Our internal Loss Prevention team is here to help you minimize risk exposure by providing training, expertise, and advice to prevent a loss before it occurs.

As evidence of our commitment to helping you run a safer, more profitable business, each policy we write is backed by the expertise of our Loss Prevention team. Our team of professionals will guide you through the best risk mitigation and loss control practices, and our experts will help you understand the best way to protect your business.

We will make arrangements for our Loss Control Inspector to visit your premises and provide guidance and advice in the areas of:

  • Severe weather preparedness
  • Identifying areas of potential loss
  • Guidance in mitigating risk
  • And more

Our Loss Prevention team is here to work alongside you, offering your business more than just insurance.


We know that disasters can happen at any time, which is why we offer 24-hour claims support.

Claims Reporting

In the event of a claim, please contact your insurance broker immediately.

If you need to report a claim outside of regular business hours, please call our 24-hour emergency response line at 1-800-665-3351.

We understand that disasters aren’t limited to business hours. However, Wynward’s after-hours emergency claims service means there will always be someone there to take your call and start working on your claim — no matter when you need us.

If the matter is not urgent, then you can also email details of your claim directly to Wynward at

The following information should be provided when reporting a claim:

  1. loss location;
  2. insured contact information, including a phone number and email address; and
  3. the date of the loss and details of the loss.

The Claim Process

We understand that suffering a loss can be a traumatic and stressful event. Our experienced and dedicated Claims Team will assist you in gathering all the information needed to move forward with your claim and to get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

Wynward will adjust the claim using an adjuster who will assist in investigating and documenting the claim and will work with you to bring the claim to a timely conclusion. If, at any point during the claims process, you have any questions, you can discuss the claim with the adjuster or your broker. We can also suggest contractors across the country experienced in handling insurance claims which can assist you in repairing and restoring your property.

We are committed to working with our insured to advance the claim to a timely conclusion, and we endeavor to provide clear and timely communication throughout the claim process.

Business Income Worksheet

Wynward is pleased to provide our customers with a tool to assist in establishing the correct limit of insurance for the resultant loss of business income after a loss occurs.

Please be sure to consult with one of our professional broker partners for advice in this area and in completing the form.

Business Income Worksheet (xls, 243KB)

Copyright in this worksheet and the information provided with it (collectively the “Worksheet”) is owned by Wynward Insurance Group (sometimes referred to as “Wynward”) unless otherwise indicated. All rights are reserved. Users shall only be entitled to copy the Worksheet for their own personal use and in its entirety without omission and alteration, including this notice. Any other use will constitute copyright infringement. Wynward disclaims any and all liability for any unauthorized reproduction or use of this Worksheet whatsoever.