Do you dread going into work on April 1st, or the closest work day to it? Are you bracing yourself for snickers from your co workers as you walk right into their carefully laid pranks?

You don’t have to fear April 1st anymore – Wynward has a new, innovative solution! We now offer insurance to protect against a full range of pranks.

We are proud to introduce Wynward’s new Prank Protection Policy! Here’s a sample of some of the most common office pranks we now cover:

  •          Stapler in Jell-o
  •          Office filled with balloons
  •          Monitor wrapped in plastic
  •          Items glued to desks
  •          Vegetables in the donut box

With Wynward’s expert prank protection, you can walk into your office on April 1 with confidence! Talk to your broker today to learn more about how Wynward’s Prank Protection Policy can help you!