Strong branding is crucial to the success of any franchise. Customers entering a franchise want to know what to expect. If the brand experience doesn’t measure up from location to location, customers may become confused and unhappy.


You want your franchises to be as uniform as possible, so why would your franchise insurance be any different? Varying levels of insurance across multiple locations increases your risk  and leaves you vulnerable. Why take the risk? Get an insurance product that’s as consistent as your business.

Wynward offers the coverage franchises need. We are risk management experts. We’ve been working with our clients for over 95 years to assess and reduce risk. From food preparation areas to fire safety procedures, an experienced Loss Prevention team is available to conduct on-site reviews and provide recommendations to help prevent claims.

Weather you have 4 locations, 40 or 400, Protect your franchise with Wynward and experience the benefits of our customizable and consistent coverage.