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Commercial Property insurance is the safety net every business owner needs to protect what they've built. Damaged property, inventory, and losses resulting in interruption to the business can quickly put a business in jeopardy. Wynward's line of commercial property coverage provides the anchor to keep business afloat.



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Like the concrete in a foundation, Building, Equipment and Stock is essential coverage to keep a business standing strong. Protecting physical assets, such as buildings, equipment, and inventory if damaged or lost can minimize the financial impact of unexpected events.

Wynward offers competitive policy extensions providing valuable protection to policyholders. Options include coverage for Accounts Receivables, Building By-Laws, Newly Acquired Locations with Building or Contents, Transit, and many more!

Wynward’s Business Interruption extension coverage is critical for providing support when unexpected events temporarily disrupt business operations. From replacing the loss of income to compensation when disaster strikes, our coverage can help businesses get up and running as soon as possible.

Natural disasters can wreak havoc on a business. Wynward’s Flood, Sewer Backup, and Earthquake extensions are the perfect complement to help business owners rest easy knowing they are prepared for life’s unexpected events.

From start to finish, building a structure is no easy feat. Wynward’s Builder’s Risk coverage is an absolute must-have for structures under construction or undergoing renovation. From juggling the complexities of materials and equipment, to the variety of onsite workers, it’s the hard hat for any construction project!

Whether it’s power tools or construction equipment, Wynward’s Contractor’s Equipment & Tools coverage is designed to protect contractors and their property from accidental damage, theft, and other unexpected events. Wynward is here to hammer out the details so owners can get back to keeping their business standing strong.

Equipment breakdown coverage is the tool every business owner needs in their toolbox to keep operations running like a well-oiled machine. Wynward provides seamless coverage for Property Damage and Businesses Interruption with a follow form endorsement to your property wording.

Coverage includes losses resulting from Spoilage, Expediting Expenses, Media, Hazardous Materials, and Service Interruption including new enhancements for Risk Improvement Expense, Temperature Fluctuation, and Data Restoration. Broad policy definitions provide a variety of customizable options.

Crime can happen to anyone, anywhere, at any time. Wynward’s commercial crime insurance is the security guard businesses need to protect from monetary loss due to fraud, theft, and other criminal acts. Our coverage is the ultimate line of defense against those who want to steal your profits.

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